MasterChef - The Professionals

Anybody watching?

on now. Love the way this just starts without telling anyone.

Aye, but not tonight.
Love M,TP!

Lincoln lad done fucked up.

K I’m gonna watch but I’m 15 minutes behind.

Not as bad as Jess though. Hasn’t prepped the squid well.

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It’s quite nice that they have the chef telling us what she would do first.

What are they doing changing the skills test now?

Would absolutely love to see the Ruff-dog rock up next on this and pop a cauliflower steak in the toaster.


I like the look of Darren as a human but his food in his intro looks a bit rubs

I am WARY of hotel chefs.

The hierarchy:

Alastair Cook
Head chef
Sous chef
Hotel chef
Private chef
Chef from South Park (Scientologist)


Missed out Chef Du Partie (should sit below sous chef)

And “chef” should be commis chef

Chef should be opening the batting against Sri Lanka but here we are.

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Get James ‘the commis’ Vince in there

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remember Sven from a few years ago?

was at school with him, we both played in the village band, i played trombone and he played the bassoon so we sat next to each other and played the same part. we got to play at the entrance to the millennium dome one time

This kid is 31???

Just catching up from the start. The bloke from the White Hart (well I assume the White Hart since it is the only posh pub back home) is the first contestant.

Not botter

31 my arse