MasterChef - The Professionals


Marikas venison thing somehow looked amazing and disgusting at the same time




Has this music always been on the skills test. It’s like a really shit club night that isn’t really a club night or an airport lounge


New series starting tonight?!


It started last week


Oh so two episodes tonight :blush:


Realised who Marcus looks like, it’s Wayne Rooney

That’s a bit odd


Hot egg.


Praying he gets a stop and chop in the edit :pray:


Chris Froome


Mark seems nice like a nice chatty guy. I’ve only just met him (I’m 40 mins behind)


Seems nicer than @Jeremys_Iron at least :wink:


Pineapple and scallops :thinking:


Liking Ian here


They just showed one of the hotels that my school was banned from for prom. Don’t think this beach chef will be good.


Pretty sure he plays in Field Music.


Cracking way to advertise your beach restaurant: don’t clean your fish and then serve it with something disgusting.


The lad with the glasses and 3 star tattoo seems so much better than all the others it seems a bit unfair.

Think they said he’s senior sous at a fine dining restaurant in Covent garden so he must be pretty high up the ladder already, certainly more than the likes of the country pub lads who get shat on in the first round.


Is it me or are these skills challenges getting harder. Pasta sauce, Bechamel and pasta in 20 minutes


You say that but the next challenge is to make a sandwich! :laughing: