Masterchef USA


Right the, any of you pricks watch this or not?

New season started on Monday and it’s full of brilliantly contrived beeves and over-dramatic nonsense, Gordon ‘Rambo’ Ramsey hosts in his bizarre, monotone, stilted way and it’s generally good entertainment for those hellish weeknights.

Discuss it here or just let this thread quietly die.


find it absolutely unwatchable, tv like that makes me feel like i’m gonna have an epileptic fit


But in a good way, right?


nah i literally can’t handle it


Sorry about that, is it because of the little interview snippets which are obviously shot retrospectively but feature the contestants talking as if they’re in the actual moment?


i mean that goes for pretty much all tv nowadays. it’s mostly the editing, makes me feel insane like this humorous scene from the simpsons


This is superb stuff:


G-Rams is obviously one of the world’s worst people (used to be on the books at Rangers ffs), but have any of his TV shows ever been less than 7/10 viewing?

No they have not.


can someone make a gif of the guy at 0:49


This happened last night (the guy is Melissa Joan-Hart’s stepfather apparently):


Seriously, guys. It’s the fucking tits mate.