Mastermind specialist subjects

Bored on my day off so got to thinking what my possible Mastermind specialist subjects would be. I’ve whittled it down to three…

Manchester United in the Premier League
Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkingtons XFM/Podcast shows
UK Top 40 singles charts of the 90s.

What would yours be?

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Probably: Columns from Kerrang (1996-98)

Transformers comics produced by IDW Publishing, 2005-2018

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Yes please

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If you’re planning on winning Mastermind you need about four specialist subjects, a different one for each round.

Anyway, I’d have:
Frozen II
The complete works of Meera Sodha
Glastonbury Festival, 2000-2011
Churches of East Sussex

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Would choose Early Doors now maybe. They like it when you go for something nobody has picked before (cue some absolute marckee finding a video of someone doing just that) and they have to be pretty specific iirc


Red Dwarf


I reckon I’d be really good at the Attitude Era in WWE but no way am I outing myself as a wrestling sympathiser on national TV so I’d probably go for something cool like DIY or Nuts magazine

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God help me it would need to be something like Belle & Sebastian (the Jeepster years).

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General Knowledge


Fairly sure that’s to avoid a repeat of the guy who picked “angels” as his specialist subject and got the worst score ever

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North Yorks Moors national park
Renaissance-era medicine
John Wesley

(apologies for the Mail link)

Probably United in the 90s/00s as well tbh

There was a period of my life where I think I’d have fucking nailed original run Futurama but all that info has left my brain now

I genuinely thought you meant the robbie williams song

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Byron House FC (2015 - present)

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