⛳ Masters 2019! ⛳

It’s Masters Week! The greatest golf tournament in the world is here, and we’ve assembled a crack team for you this week.

I’ve got you covered for the OP and highly dubious betting advice.
@Geoff is in the studio looking back at Masters previous.
Fashion correspondent @Meowington will be on Par 3 duty mooning over the kids and then on Rickie Fowler-watch for the rest of the week.
@Lo-Pan will be reporting from inside the ropes like some crazy Trojan.
And standing by is Douglas Hurd.

It’s pretty wide open this week. The top two in the betting are Rory and Dustin, and it’s not hard to see why. Both are in form, both have won recently, they are 3 and 2 in the world respectively and both have great Masters form without winning it. Dustin has three consecutive top ten finishes and Rory has 5. Seeing as betfair are offering ten places for e/w, that’s pretty good odds you at least get your money back on these two.

Of course with Rory there’s always the worry about… THAT round in 2011, but he’s a different player these days. I’m having both of these two, Rory at 7s is a bit slim but Dustin at around 10 looks decent value.

Rickie Fowler came second last year and always seems like he’s going to get that first major. He has a bit of a habit of crumbling when in contention (76 in the final round in 2017 to finish 11th, 73 in 2014 for 5th, 78 in 2013 to drop way back) but last year might have got him over that hump and I’ll be surprised if he’s not contending.

At longer odds (40/1) I fancy Xander Schauffele to show up. He’s number 10 in the world and quietly very consistent, plus he has the second best name in golf to say after Bryson DeChambeau. Wish I was called Bryson DeChambeau.

And maybe the best news of all, Tiger is in decent form and will stir up the galleries like no-one else. Really don’t fancy him to win it ever again, but it would damn exciting if he’s up at the sharp end on Sunday.

Last player I’ll mention is Jordan Spieth, who I fancied to contend round Augusta for the next 20 years, but he’s in such rancid nick with the putter in particular (not to mention in his head) that it would be a big surprise to me if he’s bothering the leaders. Only his Masters previous form is keeping him up in the top 10 betting-wise.


Reporting in for duty!

First up on the agenda is Patrick Reed’s Champions dinner. Now I love to see what’s on the menu as they like to represent where they’re from…but Patrick Reed has obvs come out with some basic bitch American dinner.

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Fuck Patrick Reed

That dinner is dog dirt


Creamed sweetcorn, creamed spinach, steamed broccoli… toddler food.


First outfits from my boy Rickie. He’s standing out in his signature Oklahoma state orange on Sunday but oh my word Rickie YASSSS give me the camo!!



I’ve put money on Rickie and Fitzpatrick on the nose…then Lowry and Pepperell e/w.

Arnold Palmers all round!!!

30 years since Faldo’s first victory at Augusta this year. In which he shot 65 on the final day and forced a playoff with Scott Hoch who choked in spectacular fashion on the 1st hole. Many attribute this choking to Faldo’s legendary strength of character being all too much to bear. But WHO will have the nerve at Augusta this year?

I am staying well clear of the betting this year. Standard at the top of golf is fucking ridiculous these days.

Rory is very well placed to finally win the Green Jacket to complete the sweep of all 4 majors. Is this the year? I’m more encouraged than usual, I have to admit.

I have now formally downgraded my long held prediction that Tiger will never win another major. I now believe he CAN. It’s unlikely still, but unlikely things do happen in sport. Augusta’s still set up for him as well as any course. Don’t write him off.

All the usual US lads firmly in the mixer. It could be any of them. UK hopes not reaching much further than Rory and Fleetwood if you ask me. Tommy can do it here, he really can.

My hunch? Patrick Reed will win it again.

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Obligatory I fucking LOVE The Masters post.

A million likes please.


It doesn’t serve me well indoors to be overly excited about it. I’m better placed to be a bit like “oh I can’t watch TV for 4 days?” and “oh guess we’re not going out this weekend” and be slightly humpy about it in the lead up cause I might get some flowers or he may take me to nandos on Friday lunch time.

But I do actually like it quite a bit because it’s so pretty to look at and it is quite relaxing and fun. And snacks. We’re going to have all the snacks and booze.

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You’re a cunning strategist meow - excellent work.

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Hate the fact that can only watch the last two rounds on BBC :frowning:

Not going to manage to be your man inside the ropes this year. :frowning:
Think i’ll see very little of it due to my being away.

Quite fancy Rory, this year. Think a european will win.

Fucking love the masters.

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I’m used to it.

tbf I enjoy watching the highlights. Just a relaxing way to spend one’s time.

You can get a weeks pass on NowTv for £15 but I think the coverage is quite reduced on there anyway.

They may be veterans of the game, but Fred Funk and Wang Ter-chang simply have to be considered contenders here.

Once again this year i’ll be sticking a few bob on Matt Kuchar to win. Last few years he has been consistently in and around the top groups heading out on the last day and I can’t help feeling he’ll come good at some point. Otherwise I can’t really see past the usual names. Surely Justin Rose will be in the mixer again as per usual?

Fuzzy Zoeller still playing?!

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Didn’t realise Justin was back at number 1 in the world right now. He’s due a fallow year at Augusta I’d say after recent years but who knows.

Just watching these:

Reminded me how much I dislike American golf crowds

SkyBet were giving 70/1 win only boost on this so had a nibble. Fuck it.

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