Masters 2020 ⛳

I’m sure my mate at the fbi will be trawling for people trying to broadcast this illicitly, if anyone is interested in his research i can ask.

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I should have waited for this thread to post that video of Rahm skipping his ball across the water for a hole in one on the 14th.


haven’t actually had a look at any of the odds thus far, might have a wee nosey at lunch and see what’s what.
Big Bryson has got to fancy his chances, with that ridiculous drive of his when the course is playing soft.
Rahm has been in fine form as well and i fancy him to get his first major very soon. All the usual suspects i’d expect to be in amongst come sunday, Thomas, Johnson etc.

Would love to see rory win but he’s been a bit hit and miss this season. Wolf has had a good season and i wouldn’t rule out Schauffle (sp?), Finau, Koepka and Bubba.

Anyway, fuckin love the masters.

Will be interesting to see the impact that not having a crowd to roar them on will have on some of the leading American players.

Might help someone like Speith, but the Bubba’ s of this world?

Iwould like to bet on ricky fowler, and for him to win it. cant see it though.

yeah i like rickie, seems like a good lad.

also think bryson gets a bit of a hard time as if all he can do is drive long. you don’t win the us open unless you can hit great irons, have top drawer wedge play and can putt.


Highlights of Masters threads past:


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Weather is absolutely atrocious, impromptu lakes and rivers forming on the course. Pretty gutting, was planning on having it on all afternoon while WFHing.

they’re not gonna finish 4 rounds are they?

though they were cutting it fine with the light as it is. Can they extend into monday/tuesday if necessary?

good piece on Bryson here:

love it when golfers are oddballs

Dunno. Forecast is to clear up shortly, but there’s so much water on the course it’ll take a while to be playable. Given the general pace of play on the tour they’re going to struggle to get it done in full with limited daylight.

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how many of them are trump voters do you reckon?

bubba and pat reid for sure, i bet speith is too.

and rory, obviously

They’re pretty much all republicans in the US aren’t they?

White? :white_check_mark:
Male? :white_check_mark:
Rich? :white_check_mark:

Quite a few, you’d think.

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All of them, this is golf we’re talking about

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are… we all Republicans??

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Ahhhhj, The Masters once again!! Therefore it MUST be April.
I hope you’ve all had your COVID-19 vaccination and are enjoying getting back to normal. Can’t wait to see the azaleas in full bloom and watch the crowds, sorry, patrons, mingle freely post COVID.

Oh, wait,…

Old Bryson has just taken his first big swing of the day. Hooked it so far left the shot tracer couldn’t follow all the way.