Masters 2023

They had the champions dinner last night, look at the state of this: :smiling_face_with_tear:

Should probably ban Americans from ever winning the thing if this what they choose.

Should be a good 4 days with lots of the big boys in good form. Rory and Scottie probably the stand-out favourites, Rahmbo not far behind.

Loads of others could easily win it - Spieth, Hatton. Holland, Morikawa. even Jason Day.

No idea what the liv guys are up to, can only imagine Dustin or Cam Smith are the only ones likely to do anything.

As before it’s all on sky sports here, not even any highlights in bbc.

There is lots of free coverage available on the masters app and website though.

My big pick is Rory

My massive outside bet is Sahuth Theegala, just cos it would be cool.

Edit: feel free to talk about bet selections or whatever itt, but maybe keep odds and financials out of it if possible? Cheers


Probably not going to see one second of this because the highlights are not on BBC (I don’t think).

No idea who will win but I hope it’s Tony Finau cos he proved himself to be a really nice person in the Netflix golf documentary.

We have our own Masters competition at my golf club this weekend. Stick yr dosh on casinobay winning it!


Download the app, there’s loads of free live coverage on there

Might even be on youtube as well, it’s definitely on their website

Would quite like to see the reaction of a few past champions having to eat that.

Not really the same without some Ken on the course. I reluctantly pay for NowTV so will have it on, likely be muted and maybe even need the streams to get actual live coverage.

My picks are Hovland, Woo Lee, Lowry, Matsuyama and my usual Rose & Garcia.

Ok, I somehow have NowTV too with my BT subscription but I have never used it and have no.idea how to use it!!

Can I pay to only watch the Masters or would I need to buy a months subscription to Sky Golf??

Looks like you can get sky sports (all the channels) for £21 a month for 6 months

If you just want to watch the golf you could sign up and immediately cancel, would still cost you £21 for the weekend obviously

Not sure how it works bundled in with BT. On Now you have to buy the whole sports pass, they also dropped the weekly plan so you’d need a month pass. Think they’ve got an offer on of £21 a month at the moment

Yeah it’s more than a tenner a day if you pay a day at a time, might as well cough up for a month if you do anything at all

Also with this offer including boost it means you can get multiple people on the account. I mainly pay the high cost so I can let family use it as well (is how I convince myself that is)


And @harru

Scheffler, Rory and Rahm all on great form going in, and as Harru said plenty of other in with a great shout. Thomas perhaps, Cantlay, Burns, Homa has been looking good of late.

Will be interesting to see how the LIV lads get on having been playing 54 hole tournaments with no cut. That being said on their day DJ, Koepka and Smith could easily win. Although i hope not. Hatton at 50/1 might be worth a few quid.

Anyway, Masters, Woo-Hoo. Love it.


my only hope is that ken will be found on the course regardless, perhaps doing videos for youtube or tick tock

and that those liv guys have a horrible time and their clubs crumble into dust


i also hope for this


Read an article about the 13th hole being extended, which was really boring.

Watched an YT video about the 12th hole and how its much trickier than it seems, which was really good




hate it that everyone who gets to go to Augusta is so loaded that they qualify for the ‘rich people don’t actually have to properly pay for anything’ phenomenon

$5 a beer, that’s got to be one of the cheapest in the whole of 'murica


A pimento cheese sarnie at the masters is a proper bucket list item


these guys are absurd

Oh yeah I’ll be glued all 4 days. WFH next two ooooffft. Looks like a lot of rain in the forecast, could be a Monday finish.

I’m taking the big boy Jon Rahm in my fantasy league this week. Rested up, top form to start year.

Definitely excited to see Cam Smith miss him. Will be actively booing every other LIV golfer from my couch.

A tradition unlike any other, I can’t wait.


Verne Lundquist on 16 again this year. Might be his last Masters, what a voice.