Masters Snooker 2019

This starts today, with in-form Mark Allen v Luca Brecel. Trump v Wilson on Wednesday could be fun.


Was just reading about the Trump v Wilson rivalry. Didn’t know about that until now. WFH Wednesday as well, will be working in front of the telly by the looks of it.

Quite open again, which is good. Good odds available if you want to back against Ronnie. But this format suits him doesn’t it.

Yeah, I’m quite tempted to see if I can book Wednesday afternoon off for that one.

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Schedule here FYI:

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Nice 140 break from Brecel there. Never quite reached his potential I think, but this match is nicely poised.

Probably posted this before but I once had to give him directions to the Hexagon in Reading.

What a claim to fame eh.


Very good match to start, that. More of the same, please.

What an opener yesterday! Would’ve bet the house on Allen winning that - Brecel’s been absolute pony all season but he was magnificent. Hell of a talent, more of that please Luca.

Higgins v Day was probably the best drudge of a final frame decider you’re ever likely to see.

Say it every year but the standard at the Masters is ridiculous these days. Everyone’s a potential winner (except Stephen Maguire, sadly). Ronnie’s got a bit of a lock on it still. Who can beat him this year… Judd perhaps?

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Ronnie v Bingham on now.

Whilst Ronnie’s the clear favourite Bingham’s in good nick and has form for knocking him out of the big comps. Would be no great shock if he did it here IMO.

Lisowski battered 6-1 by Ding last night. Bit disappointing. Seems all I hear about Jack is how good he is but whenever I seem to watch him he’s on the end of an awful tonking. But good to see Ding enjoying himself, bodes well for the Crucible.

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Must ad it I’ve not seen an awful lot of Lisowski. He’s got a nice cue action, but I’ve not been massively impressed when I have seen him. He’s still quite young though I think? Pressure of playing at the Masters may have got to him a bit.

Murphy in all sorts of trouble here. 5-0 down. Ooft.

Worried I might regret this post.

Yeah he looks a good player. Very good indeed. One of the commentators was saying that he tends to get tonked on debut in a big event but then sorts himself out. Not won anything yet and he’s not as young as you’d think (about Kyren Wilson’s age I think).

Haha. Yeah looked a bit sketchy when The Hawk started to wobble but saw it out. Don’t see Murphy on the receiving end of too many smashings.

Trump 4-0 up at the interval vs Kyren.

He’ll be enjoying that that’s for sure.

Strong start from Trump so far. If he was playing anyone else I’d be writing them off a bit now, but…

Watched a bit of Ronnie O’Sullivan yesterday, there was a moment when he was about to take a shot when a moth appeared, so he grabbed it and killed it and then looked a bit sad about it, and then they cut to the crowd where Ronnie Wood was laughing and applauding. Bit weird.

Nice to see Judd win that. Always thought he’s had a bit of a tendency to not capitalise on winning positions, but he played very well in this tournament. Ronnie was very poor in the first session today, but even so, all credit to Trump there.