Matching body parts

Going head-to-head
Seeing eye-to-eye
Giving mouth-to-mouth
It’s neck-and-neck
Standing shoulder-to-shoulder
Hand-to-hand combat
Going toe-to-toe

Any others? No? Great thread, thanks.

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Belly to belly suplex


going arse to ABANDON REPLY

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Arse to mouth

Oh ffs

Hip to hip
Bone to bone
(evil heat all night long)

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face to palm


Dancing cheek to cheek


Forehead-to-forehead (like when footballers are getting aggro)

foot in mouth

This is the only acceptable one so far

Ear ear

hair hair if you’re posh

chin chin. bit early

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elbow to elbow on a crowded train

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I think this might be one

Joined at the hip?

cock in hand

How hard is this to grasp:

[body part] to/and/in [same fucking body part]

Come on, people!

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