Mates just cancelled our plans to go for a pint tonight as he’s got to work overtime at his job installing sprinkler systems on farms


That’s irrigating.


It only took me 3 seconds to read this post but I still want them back


If I recall correctly in the film The Big Sick the main character is a stand up comedian and there’s a scene in which he appears to be workshopping some irrigation bants into his act.


He’s definitely channeling that guy.


Water disaster!


If he’s a farm worker, I bet people are used to him baling on them.


Couldn’t watch the match last night because my pet rabbit escaped from his cage and chewed through the TV wires.

That’s a gnawing.


I’m sure he’ll plough through


Never seen it. Worth a watch?


Yeah I really, really enjoyed it actually. Which isn’t what happens with any films that come out of the Apatow stable or whatever. Probably because it was actually heartfelt. Yeah, good film.


Cheers @Antpocalypsenow


Really like it. Very good post.