Math Rock Thread


I’ve always been interested in the genre and finally got listening to a couple bands here and there.
-“Drugs to the Dear Youth” EP and untitled Tera Melos album
-“Hold your horse is” by Hella
-“What burns never returns” by Dan Caballero
Is there any essential math rock you guys recommend?


always worth going back through some of the old stuff in Big Scary Monsters’ catalogue; meet me in st louis, this town needs guns, cats and cats and cats, crash of rhinos etc. really good brit math-y stuff. also both american football albums are fantastic


Adding to my list now. I absolutely love the first American football album. Ive gave the second album a listen to yere and there nothing really caught on to me. I like the instruments but not really feeling the vocals which shouldn’t matter but they seem to be the focus now. The first album they were mixed in perfectly.




Agreed, second album sounds like a bit like an Owen album because of it


I really love Owls (singer from American Football plays drums), both the first and second album have some great tunes on them

Try early Minus the Bear too (later stuff is a bit patchy)



adebisi shank.



I can’t really remember where the line is drawn between post rock and math rock.

Oxes, That Fucking Tank, early Battles, Tortoise and Unwound spring to mind.


Sad that Brontide have gone all quiet because of other projects



i thought the same, but it really grew on me. nowhere near as good as the first, though


Youthmovies were, imo, one of the best math-influenced bands ever.


Tortoise and Unwound are 2 of my favorite bands of all time tbh


All hell yeah, just got out of work and come to see all these recs. Thanks everyone!




Don Caballero 2
American Don


Totorro are a very good band and are playing some shows here soon

Thurs 30/3 - Brighton, Sticky Mikes
Fri 31/3 - Guildford, The Boileroom
Sunday 2/4 - Southampton, Joiners
Monday 3/4 - Leeds, Brudenell Social Club
Tuesday 4/4 - Manchester, Gullivers
Weds 5/4 - Leicester, The Cookie
Thurs 6/4 - London, Birthdays


American Don is their best one I think