Maths help


Something to get the cogs moving again…

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I’m starting to think about applying for maths phd programmes and looking at this homework I want to give up and go back to school.

Extension, extension, extension.

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You’re going to take that back to school all filled in correctly for the teacher to say oops this was for our mensa recruits.

Your child will be elevated to genius.

On what fucking planet is a 9 year old doing this??

(Fibonacci was my gcse coursework so I did it when I was 15-16)

(I didn’t actually do it. Just copied it off my mate)

(Got an a)

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I teach 9 yr olds. We are currently partitioning numbers to 100000. Plus rounding.

I didn’t say that a 9 year old was doing it - I said that it was a little unfair if that was the case.

We did the Fibonacci sequence in year 6, drawing pictures of rabbits breeding. I think it came up in the Martello Tower game, too.

Pretty, pretty sure I never did the Fibonacci sequence at any point in school


Just really like the name Fibonacci, it’s got swagger. I’m not a numbers person, but I’m glad the numbers people are having fun here.

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Had to look this up. Have done it plenty, obviously, but didn’t recognise the term.

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I’ve literally never heard of it.

We did, and completed, Fermat’s Theorem in reception.


Was the classroom too small or something?

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clicked on this thread like “aha, I am going to be no help whatsoever” and you know what? I’m not