Maths - Percentages Feature

You what?

There’s a typo in there.

Morning, Officer

eg using their figures, last year’s bill would be:


(£1808.96 total)

meaning that the overall rise is 3.25%, if it’s going up to £1867.82

Isn’t the “total” the overall increase you see in your bill for ctax for the year.
Like a 2.9% increase in Surrey County Council has a greater weighting than Police, as that’s a smaller amount. idurnkthismakessense

Well yeah, I don’t understand how the overall % number is higher than every single increase. I can’t be fucked to try and find last year’s bill.

I think the correct word is “math”.

Would you like to pay my council tax bill? Maybe just the police and crime commissioner?

I don’t really care.

But good news. I called HMRC and I don’t have to pay that fine. :+1:

Only if you pay mine - I don’t know the amount yet, but it is Glasgow City Council and I get a single occupancy discount, but on the other hand my water bill is included. Could go either way who comes out best.

I don’t remember seeing that on there before so maybe…

I’m willing to take that bet.

They just said that so that they can fine you more for not paying the fine or maybe put you in prison.


I don’t resent paying that but I would like a bit more clarity on my bill

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Although 3% of my total bill from last year would be in the £50s

Yeah, the numbers still don’t make sense however you work it out.


Not sure about this one either.

jesus christ i hate it when I end up trying to work shit like this out on dis when basic life and work admin of my own sits there not getting done.

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It’s £1272.01, isn’t it?

That’s what I get.

As far as my groggy morning brain can see it, the only way the 5.5% figure could be correct would be if you had some sort of rebate or refund on last year’s bill.