Maths/Science Sanity Check

Help me out guys I’m feeling a bit stupid.

If something is 100,000 per ul

What would the equivalent in litres be?


Is this how the AZ trial ended up with a half dose?


Assuming ul is microlitres then 100,000 per ul is the same as 100,000,000 per litre, or 1x10^9, no?


Probably :smiley:

So that is what I would’ve though it should be for biological reasons but my maths has failed me.

If there are 1 million uL in a L then 1000000 100,000 x 1,000,000 is 1 x 10^11

Where am I going wrong?

I get the same answer as you so we could both be idiots

Original value is 1x10^5, it’s 3 orders of magnitude to mL then another 3 to L, so 5+3+3=11

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Thanks everyone, gonna go and run this past someone internal, wanted to check before I made a fool of myself

Ah crap no you’re right, it’s 10^11. Please take no heed of me.

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one hundred thousand times a million is one hundred thousand billion which is 100 trillion

Powers are annoying

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You been fired yet leafs

Yeah I realised that the normal ranges were 100x 10^9 which is the equivalent of 1 x 10^10 so we’re all good.

100 000 / uL (*1000)
= 100 000 000 / mL (*1000)
= 1x10^11 / L