Matt Calvert (Three Trapped Tigers)

Every now and again I remember this song exists.

I fucking love it. When does the album come out?


Mute Heart is also pretty great. 12th October for the album.

Still trying to get over not being able to make the Blood & Biscuits gig the week before. Every part of the line-up is awesome.


they’re playing here at the end of the month. haven’t listened to them in a few years but might go.

Launch gig next month. Know nothing about the venue.

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Absolutely love these videos he’s making for these tracks

I had a listen to the Excuse The Mess Podcast episode(s) with Matt and found it really interesting. Worth a listen.

that’s a buddy of mine on sax - he is loving playing this stuff

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Reviewed it here

And got this response, which was nice


sounds bloody fantastic on first listen. gonna go to the show on monday night for sure.

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How was it? Mate of mine sent me this pic.


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Chalk up another jealous DISer. Between this gig and the Blood & Biscuits night, I’m feeling decidedly underCalverted.

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not to rub it in, but it was absolutely hands down one of the best gigs i’ve ever been to. i was right at the front (in front of the guy on the left of this picture) as i was dead keen and was literally the first person in the room at 7.45 (they said music was gonna start at 8 - shock - it didn’t ha)

it was just phenomenal. absolutely note perfect, mad array of percussive equipment, really just amazing to watch the musicianship on show, all the tiny intricate parts… best use of a fiver ever. wish i’d had cash to buy the record.

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Looks like TTT are headlining Portals Festival next year. Would book a ticket just to see TTT, but a little wary of not getting into the venue, if it’s busy. I guess there’s a risk with a single-ticket, multi-venue fest. It seems to be running across the Dome, Boston Music Room and Aces and Eights.

Has anyone been to Portals?