Mature midweek football thread


Let’s all get behind the English teams representing the Premier League in European competition.
There’s also some Championship football on.
Given the highly professional nature of the players involved, it’s very unlikely that any of the unused substitutes will eat a pie during a game



Really fucking hope he gets done for it


Scott Hogan’s in doubt for the season, McCormack is on loan for the season, Agbonlahor and Kozak are out for the season…oh dear

  • City win - tie over
  • City win - tight
  • Score draw
  • Nil all
  • Thoroughly unamusing Monaco victory

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Has McCormack been that much of a disaster for you? Seems daft to farm out an experienced Championship player like that when your options are so limited.


As a player, he wasn’t bad. He was often played out of position and didn’t click with our other players though, but he just didn’t like the area or the club apparently. Think he wanted to go more than anything


not sure which I dislike more, this pie incident or the Alan Pardew FA cup final dance incident.



Alan Pardew was there last night, he’s mates with the Sutton chairman. Probably had something to do with it.


Guys, thinking of a joke combining the Sutton football team’s previous lack of widespread fame with Anglo Saxon burial site ‘Sutton Hoo’

any thoughts?


I wouldn’t be surprised at this point if he was the Bannon to Wayne Shaw’s Trump.


I’m thinking of going to Seville instead of Berlin now. I think I’ve found a reasonable deal on flights and hotel.

But I’ll probably chicken out of doing it on my own.


a) Hoo does Sutton United smell?
b) terrible! because they were buried in the ground after losing to Arsenal.

that’s really the best you’re going to get with such limited source material.


Not paying a man FOR MONEY!!


Would be good if you could fit Coventry in somehow.


Looking forward to more think pieces on the man eating the pie.


Funny pie goalie man SACKED


Really enjoying how much this has wound up loads of dweebs :joy:


Could have paid him in pies