Maundy Thursday 2022 Evening Thread

Hi all,

Lets talk about food and booze and stuff

Quite muggy out,couldnt believe it, was park drinking weather but there were no park drinkers

Hi @Unlucky

I feel very tired and run down but I’m dragging myself out of the flat to go to a meet up for people who are new to Brighton. Won’t be boozing, but I don’t drink fizzy drinks so will order a water in the pub!


Thats good. Also tired but that was just cos I had one too many silly beers last night.

What about an AJ or OJ or J20?

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Just had some stew with my nice bread.

Drinking an Iced T lemonade to hydrate before i crack the minikeg open.

Might start that new Netflix thing that I can remember the name of but looks good and is produced by people that have done some good HBO stuff

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Still have 4½hrs left at work. FFS. What a shitty job. Still, get through today and it’s 1 shift left before 10 days off.

Really busy day, the whole world seemed to want beer today. Tired now. Meant to be making bbq pork steaks and chips for tea but I’m still currently sat down watching Judge Judy.

We’re hiring a brewer if you fancy relocating.

Absolutely not.

Hampshire til I die

Hampshire shmampshire

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Sussex really, only mildly like Hampshire

I’m not familiar with the nuances of northern geography, sorry.

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Also just realised i bought a (presumbaly knock off) version of the late 80s classic Cork City kit last night when drunk @Kallgeese

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It is very good though
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Can’t believe it’s nearly half six already. Had quite a nice day; went for a wander around Penarth for a bit this afternoon.

Some expert has bought what I presume to be a child, a whistle. I first noticed this whistle around 3pm. I can still hear it over the music and cooking, now. It’s a good job I’m a very level headed chap who happens to like the sound of frequent blasts of whistle, isn’t it?

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Evening :wave:

Cajun pasta for tea. I’ve not made it, but we’re all gonna pretend I did make it from scratch aren’t we? Thank you.

Watching the new Hullraisers thing on all4- p good so far. Some great actors in it.

Got half a bottle of shiraz with my name on it.

OH. Also. A new game I’ve started playing is making a big fuss of getting the cat’s dinner and then sitting on the sofa with the tray on my lap pretending to eat it until she screams at me :smiley:


Best thing about every trip to France is getting to drink Grimbergen. I love it so.

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Where did you get it? I’ve had my eye on this for ages but the price is always crazy. It’s beautiful.

Weep, I’m feeling really frustrated I’m not about to get a train home :frowning: curse it all