Maundy Thursday 2022 Evening Thread

Ebay, £25, just hope its a decent fakery

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:frowning: sorry to hear that lovely. Sending hugs xx


Was it a one off or did they have other sizes? I just want to dress up like you tbh.

Heading into the depths of Hell (the Belgrave) to see Jeff Rosenstock.


No its was a seller with different sizes and different versions|parentrq%3A24ffe30c1800a646c7318413fff83400|iid%3A1

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Aw thank you xxxx in all honestly I’m being a bit of a drama llama haha. Apologies xxx

Your story about the food game you play with your cat cheered me up :laughing:

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Also a Glasgow diser who shall remain nameless bought the exact same tshirt as me after i posted a link so i am used to it

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Just found that one and noticed the seller had 0 feedback which is a bit :grimacing: but i really want it.

Good old Keith

Noooo not at all!! Xx
Haha I’m glad :smiley: x

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Oh yeah, lools a bit dodgy but will see

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Just walked to the shop to get some beer and food….and walked back as I forgot my phone which has my card….but have pizza and beer now after heading out again.
Waiting on possibly some children coming back here (as well as my own) to eat said pizza. Nearly 7pm! This is bedtime! Absolute anarchy few days into the holidays.

Been in Marseille for 2 days and have reinvented myself as Boat Party Xylo (BPX)


Another day of being stuck in the house with high maintenance bairns. But i did get a wee break earlier.

Couldn’t be arsed cooking so had a large bbq kebab. It was nice but there was not enough of it cause I’m a greedy so and so.

Counting down till 8 when fitba is on.

Tomorrow’s the first day when i can do a test and hope for two consecutive ones and then hopefully be released into the wild on Saturday, i think that’s how it works anyway. Otherwise my isolation runs out on tuesday and i have to go back to work, what excellent timing!!! :upside_down_face:

I miss my best friend like crazy. Concerned for her wellbeing, angry at her, lonely.

Need to make a mint aero cheesecake for Easter Sunday dinner and not in the fucking mood lads although it will be delicious. The shop was out of the Easter eggs my dad and brother want and there weren’t even any mini eggs. I hate Easter.

Also I read Less Than Zero by Bret Easton Ellis and it’s a horrible, vapid book. I liked American Psycho but this was just pointlessly provocative and unpleasant (really boring until the last 20% as well).


Yeah it’s an utter turd of a book. People who thought it was deep are… pretty shallow


Oh geez that really sucks

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Well y’know it could be worse but yeah had two weeks off and week two has been covid city but can’t complain really.

Hoping to be fighting fit so i can go see holy fuck on Wednesday.

It’s pretty hilarious how it’s billed as some kind of manifesto for debauchery. The sex (up until it goes into shock jock territory) is really minimal, the drug usage doesn’t feel that outrageous when you’ve just read My Year of Rest and Relaxation, it’s not really that wild you know? Maybe it was at the time, but now…?

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