Maundy Thursday 2022 Evening Thread

I’m already in bed

Just ate very well, chateaubriand with garlic butter, chips with rosemary salt and supermarket sourced veg. A :sunglasses: rare treat indeed.

CW: meat


Bloody hell :drooling_face: that looks phenomenal

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some sketchy business going down in the park tonight

I had a wonderful time eating it.


Evening folks

Not had any dinner (yet) because we had a big picnic-style lunch and then made a cheesecake this afternoon and there was loads of leftover mixture, so I ate that til I felt sick.

Got some Red Stripes in the fridge. Might just have those and a bag o crisps for tea.


Gone out for the evening in a t-shirt, absolutely thrilled

{Plus bottom half things, obvs}

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Everyone seems to be pissed already

Seem to have got roped into making pesto by hand, unsure how this occurred

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@Gnometorious has been dropping hints for a few minutes that she needs a wee. It suddenly dawned on her, ‘oh, you can’t do anything to help me with that can you?’


Had sweet potato Mac cheese which was fine but not really worth the effort tbh

Got to finish the online shop then it’s wine and telly uuntil.bed I guess.

Ahem. Pics?!?!

MY LEGS ACHE :sob::joy:

That’s how I felt about Fight Club and The Alchemist.

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Doesn’t look like anything special but I’m sure it will be nice.

Blitzed the biscuits in the nutribullet and it completely pulverised them, so I’m expecting the base to have set like concrete.


Looks yummy! What’s in it?
I’m thinking of making some osrt of smashed up mini egg cheesecake this weekend…

Smarties and white chocolate buttons.

It would’ve been smashed up Mini Eggs but there weren’t any in Sainsbo’s or Local Shop.

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I had a water but ordered a fancy mineral water in a bottle. Very glad I went out as I met a girl I’ve been talking to online and via WhatsApp for months but we’d never met in person yet. She is just as lovely in person and I hope we’ll become good friends.


Currently listening to some banging house tracks while watching some french dude flying a microlight around with some fucking geese. What the fuck, man?

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Just watching 48 Hours about some dark web murder for hire plot in America and they were like ‘we tracked the suspect to an address in the city of Bath, west of London’ and showed the house and it was on my old street. Wtf.