May 2018 film discussion thread


The new Lars Von Trier film sounded insufferable (par for the course I know), and that’s before I saw it’s 155 minutes.


Saw 120 BPM last night. My film of the year so far. Just terrific.

Love me a film that has lots of meetings in it.


Mass walkout at cannes
Standing ovation for lvt from the remaining patrons


Just hearing about Cannes annoys me.



I watched only the brave last night - anyone else seen it?

Film about firefighters who fight wildfires in the states/Arizona specifically. Josh Brolin, Jeff Bridges, Jennifer Connelly, Miles Teller, Taylor Kitsch…

anyway, thought it was pretty great - looked fucking incredible in spots and had a real emotional depth to it whilst clearly being quite ‘fuck yeah america’ in parts - really did make think about the huge parts of the US (and other countries) where people do dangerous stuff out of a sense of obligation/desperation…




:smiley: oof indeed


he’s just following the classic 70s auteur format of following a popular film with something close to unwatchable that will be revered as a cult classic in 20 years


also I watched Shut In last night. bit predictable but alright for what it was. was surprised Naomi Watts got a golden raspberry nom for it


Think it’s called ‘doing a Richard Kelly’ these days


looking forward to your 10000 word article “Reappraising Southland Tales” in the next issue of Sight and Sound


keep forgetting to rewatch Southland Tales but I still feel bad for Richard Kelly. i even have the Southland Tales graphic novel…


I’ve never seen it TBH - did watch the Box once


could be a thread in

“biggest plunge in film quality from film A to film B”


was going to watch Southland Tales recently but its like 2 and a half hours and The Box and Donnie Darko are both shit so I watched CoronationS treet instead


von Trier and Winding Refn might get involved with this


or Duncan Jones from Moon to what he’s doing now.

Didn’t think Moon was quite the masterpiece everyone says but it was good. Mute on the other hand is an unholy mess of a film


he did that other time travel one after Moon though which was great - honestly watched that about 3 times as the kids loved it


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