May 2018 film discussion thread


There’s still a few films that haven’t screened at Cannes (like the new one from Nuri Bilge Ceylan) but looks like these ones have had the most good buzz so far:

Cold War (Pawel Pawlikowski, director of Ida)
BlacKkKlansman (Spike Lee)
Happy as Lazzaro (Alice Rohrwacher, director of The Wonders)
Shoplifters (Hirokazu Kore-Eda, director of Nobody Knows, Still Walking etc)


I love Southland Tales don’t @ me



probably gonna watch the ‘Cannes Cut’ this evening


How different is it?


20 mins longer according to wiki? was the only version i could fine, er, ‘online’


Watched Cairo Station. Cracking stuff




Was I supposed to cry so much during Tully? Because it made me want to call my mum and tell her I love her.


I was pretty emotional by the end of it, yea


Beautiful last scene.


Watched new avengers Infinity war. Was s’alright. Not as good as latest Thor or black panther. Very unclear as to what powers everyone had and/or how strong they were or what their limitations were but that has been an issue in pretty much every superhero film.


Also not sure about all these folk sympathising with thanos. Unless you’re a right wing pragmatic then I can’t square it away. Also that whole making a difficult logical choice for the good of all plotline has been done to death.


I see that Nuri Bilge Ceylan has responded to criticisms that Winter Sleep was way, way too long by making another three hour long film (though I’m seeing a fair few people saying this new one is a lot better)


My little brother who has autism has had numerous issues with school like Jonas in the film. The bit where the man in the new school gets him to calm down by pretending to be a tree was too much :sob:


Yeah that scene was so great :sob:


Winter Sleep was class. Should have been longer tbh.


im 2/3 through The Nothing Factory

its good but 3 hours was a bit amibitious


Cannes Film Festival winners:

Palme d’Or: Shoplifters (Hirokazu Kore-Eda)
Grand Prix (2nd prize): BlackKklansman (Spike Lee)
Jury Prize (3rd prize): Capernaum (Nadine Labaki)
Best Director: Pawel Pawlikowski (Cold War)
Best Actor: Marcello Fonte (Dogman)
Best Actress: Samal Yeslyamova (Ayka)
Best Screenplay: Alice Rohrwacher (Happy as Lazzaro) and Jafar Panahi/Nader Saeivar (Three Faces)

Kore-Eda is one of my favourite directors ever, so I’m very happy with that. Looking forward to seeing the Spike Lee and Pawlikowski films too.


finished The Nothing Factory. that was a slog. if it was half the length it would’ve been good, but the musical and meta character elements were so shit


also Stand By Me is now on Mubi. Never seen it, should I watch it?