May 2018 film discussion thread

It’s my own fault. I could easily time my arrival to avoid trailers but I choose not to (after being caught out by them not playing before I Am Not Your Negro once and missing the first ten minutes of the film)

Saw You were Never Really Here last night. First Joaquin Phoenix performance that didn’t make me want to tear out my eyes.

Just watched Do the Right Thing last night and fuck me, what a film. One of the most affecting and arresting things I’ve seen in years; can’t think when I was last as tense and uneasy as I was from the fight at Sal’s through to the end of the riot. RIP Radio Raheem. On the other end of the spectrum, the opening credits with dancing Rosie Perez was so joyful, the film was full of energy and passion and I loved the talking to the camera moments. I want to make everyone I know see this and talk about it non-stop.

First Spike Lee film I’ve seen, any thoughts on where to go next, what to avoid etc?


She’s Gotta Have It (his debut) is so great and School Daze is a bit of a mess but I like it. Malcolm X (obvs) and Clockers too. Gets a bit ropey after that.

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he is v good in Two Lovers

Summer of Sam is good, Inside Man too. A lot of people rave over 25th Hour, but I’ve never seen it. Avoid She Hate Me and anything after Inside Man

He’s one of the best actors around!

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The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society was the top dog for April surely

Crazy how it wasn’t even nominated for best picture
Crazy how Buggin’ out and Gustavo Fring from breaking bad are played by the same guy

Id reccomend inside man, 25th hour and obv. Malcom X if you havent seen it. Oh and I really like crooklyn, but a lot of people dont rate it

Lee has done some good documentaries too: 4 Little Girls and When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts are top imo

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This is why I love Pixar, pretty much the only people who can make consistently great, original films that also clean up at the box office


They’re the absolute best.


Saw (I guess) a preview a few weeks ago.

I enjoyed it. It’s pretty much a Ghibli greatest hits and probably closest in tone to Spirited Away than their last few films, so it depends if that’s your jam. The animation is gorgeous.

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I saw the trailer and thought it looked like a film Gob Bluth would star in, not Will Arnett.

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I don’t necessarily disagree, nor do I necessarily see that as a negative…

It looks like exactly the sort of film Will Arnett would star in, almost every film he’s been in has been awful

I once had a member of staff sit next to and glare at my autistic brother for most of a film because he was making noise. It was a kid’s film, ffs.

He’s one of the biggest hams around. Boy, can that guy chew scenery. He ruins The Master all on his own.
He’s like an unchecked Pacino.

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Finally saw A Quiet Place. I could have just watched this ad again and saved myself the trouble. (it was ok though)

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I know nothing about films coming out this month

I remember when I was in my teens scouring Empire and Total Film reading previews of films and getting excited about them

It’s kind of nice having “this films out this week, it’s pretty good, go watch it”

I just noticed that I’ve only given one foreign language comedy (Le Diner De Cons) five stars on letterbox’d. Fire some recommendations at me! Also, I’m not mad keen on that Roberto Benigni style of physical comedy.