May 2018 film discussion thread


Despite your point about physical comedy, I’d still recommend Jacques Tati’s stuff.

Also, Toni Erdmann


saw A Quiet Place. enjoyed it in general - it was pretty effective moive. do have done without some of the sentimental family-hour stuff. ‘do you love her?’ - no room for any subtext, eh?


Ooh! I’ve got Playtime sitting here, been meaning to watch it for ages. I don’t actually mind physical comedy, I love Buster Keaton, it’s just that rubber faced buffoonery that Benigni does that I’m not a fan of


Tati is a lot more subtle than Benigni. Mind you, Benny Hill is probably more subtle than Benigni

Playtime is amazing


Just watched beast cause we got our days mixed up and Mary and the witch’s flower isn’t out yet. Thought it was really very good


The Dressmaker. That is one mess of a film

As You Are - really imprssive debut feature. Similar to Paranoid Park in structure but a lot better

Gonna watch Holy Grail now


This is very sad


I didn’t think much of A Quiet Place. I just couldn’t get enthralled by it or really get sucked into its universe.


Lean on Pete

I really enjoyed the first half but I thought the second half wasn’t as strong after Charlie ran off with Pete, especially as I felt like I’d seen a lot of it before in Into the Wild. I was a bit taken aback when Pete dying was the end of act 2, I expected it to happen towards the end!


Watched Call me by your name last night. Fantastic.

I award it a maximum :peach::peach::peach::peach::peach:

Please pretend they’re apricots


Holy Grail stands up a lot better than I expected. Just end to end laughs really


The book is devastating.


I didn’t entirely buy his transformation from timid horse lover to violent vandal but Plummer is excellent.


I think I could buy into him assaulting the guy to get his money back simply because he was acting out of sheer desperation at that point after everything that had happened. A bit weird seeing Steve Zahn playing a total dickhead though.


We watched Edge Of Seventeen last night. It might not be quite up there with Ladybird, but Hailee Seinfeld was excellent and there was a truth to the characters that placed it far above the average coming of age movie.

One thing that did disappoint me though, was how conservative the morals of the ending were, and how the main character has to be treated like shit by a guy before she settles for the nice nerd.


Saw a trailer for the forthcoming Grinch film today. In May! It’s not even out for six months!


got excited hearing there’d be another grinch film but just watched the trailer and it looks no good at all


Good to see Benedict Cumberbatch essentially playing himself yet again though


Admittedly, this is now nearly a week old, and it’ll be interesting to see if it clings on again, but a very serious question: who is still going to see The Greatest Showman?!?


The last film I watched was the Lizzie Mcguire Movie. Steven Spielberg whom?