May 2018 film discussion thread


Bought this today, glad to see it’s got a UK release finally. Great film


Jesus Christ it’s joyless in here. Heaven forbid a film should be fun.


I just usually like my fun films to be fun


Pretty excited to try that and Last Days of Disco, given how much I enjoyed Love and Friendship.


Has the sing alone element that makes people go repeatedly (I quite liked it, not gonna lie)


Met a guy in the pub last night who’s seen all the marvel universe films at least three times apiece. I had a look online and I didn’t realise but there’s about 60 of them by now, with even more to come. Completely passed me by. All of them are about spider-people fighting big lasers too, but they make bare cash money without fail. Good for them.


Watch Damsels In Distress


I havent seen Deadpool but the trailer for the second looks like the smuggest thing ever. So unfunny


… how?


Tbf ive not seen a single Marvel film


I mean that as in I haven’t seen many of them, and i had no idea how many there actually were. I’ve heard of the bigger ones tho.

Would quite enjoy a new take on blade tbh, would be interesting to situate that in Trump’s America.


Yeah I’ve seen maybe 3 marvel films but they’ve been everywhere, massive and being released constantly for a decade. Struggle to believe they’ve passed people by.

Post above covers it nvm


Beast - This was pretty good, Jessie Buckley is absolutely incredible in it. Johnny Flynn is extremely miscast though IMO, did not buy him at all as this dangerous wild man, he’s just an irritating posh pretty boy (and he’s also doing the pre-film Unlimited adverts at Cineworld now so I think I’m going to really, really hate him very soon). The film absolutely gets by on the Buckley performance though, it’s a real powerhouse.

Tully - Really enjoyed this, very low-key and Charlize Theron is absolutely wonderful as she always tends to be. There are some plot points that don’t hold up to any scrutiny whatsoever but I wasn’t really that bothered by them. Being a Mum looks fucking horrifyingly difficult.

I Feel Pretty - More like I feel pretty bad for going to watch this!!! It’s not great. I’m conflicted insofar as the film obviously has a positive and necessary message but it is undermined entirely by the fact that Amy Schumer is in no way fat or unattractive. As a result the film is extremely complicit in the very thing it is trying to rally against. It also isn’t funny or surprising or anything like that either. I got most enjoyment out of trying to spot the Chinese funding on the screen which was fairly conspicuous.


Tully - it’s no Juno or Young Adult as Reitman-Cody collaborations go but after how terrible Jason Reitman’s last two films sounded this was a welcome bit of course correction. I saw the ending coming a mile off though, it’s Diablo Cody remaking Fight Club!


Yeah, that is a good summation. I didn’t see it coming though on accounts of how there were so many scenes of her discussing Tully with other people who would obviously have been like “wait, what?” but as I say, that didn’t bother me really.


faculty of horror ladies are discussing the best trilogy on the twitter. got a like from andrea for my hot take that toy story is the perfect one. this day has already peaked.

what is the best trilogy, iyo?


Ip Man


Back to the Future and Toy Story (until they make Toy Story 4 anyway)


It is Toy Story IMO. I guess Three Colours as well.


Lord of the Rings will always be my favourite.