May 2018 film discussion thread


Toy story is a good shout. George A. Romero’s trilogy of the dead, the 3 worthwhile die hards, the dollars trilogy are some others without an obvious weak one off the top of my head


dollars trilogy will be showing at hyde park cinema in leeds soon :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:



Theres 4 of them now


+Before Sunrise/Sunset/Midnight


can we have manhunter, silence of the lambs ad hannibal? is that allowed?


What’s yo beef with Red Dragon?


it’s nowhere near as good as manhunter

mainly because of ed norton


Might as well have the Godfather trilogy in there as well then, if you’re going to include ones where only two of the films are much cop.


return of the king is pretty shit tbh too


Oh I quite like it, and certainly think it’s a better film that Hannibal. Never seen Manhunter though, had actually planned to rectify that this week


They’re all far too long and very dull, and contain Orlando Bloom


it has dated badly and there’s a couple of proper LOL things about it but i still think it’s a better film. tom noonan as dolarhyde is an all time great performance imo.


Manhunter is excellent. Certainly worth watching.


i recently rented all of the extended editions. enjoyed fellowship a lot but couldn’t even be bothered to finish two towers. apparently harvey weinstein wanted to condense them all into a single 2 hr movie :no_mouth:


The Two Towers is the only one that’s passable, in my opinion - the other two are as good as the source material would allow.


Orlando Bloomin Rubbish, more like


that’s quite an opinion tbh


I thought it was the consensus, tbh.


I think there could have been a sensible compromise between 2 hours and >9 hours. Doubt I’d enjoy them regardless of length cause the whole thing isn’t my bag but still