May 2018 film discussion thread


When the trailer for this played at the screen I was in at the weekend, three different people just said the word “Cher” when she turns up at the end, two of the people were on their own.


oh i see is the point that it’s a real poster that’s clearly photoshopped. soz.


I’ve seen lots of raves for this film, glad to see it seems to finally have a UK release date (albeit a few months off yet)


We liked it:


I saw it before something (maybe Loveless) and at the end a woman with a very posh accent very loudly said “RIDICULOUS”. My hero.


I like that someone thought a Mamma Mia 2 trailer before Loveless (if it was that) was the right fit


That film La Vida Nuestra looks so appalling I honestly assumed it was a parody of some sort of indie film when I first saw the trailer.


It is a parody isn’t it? At least tongue in cheek.


I really don’t know now that you’ve said that, the more I saw the trailer the more I thought that it wasn’t.


It’s an ad for Estrella posturing as a short film. They’ve done a few of them now with mid-level actors. Think there’s one with Jean Reno and Laia Costa, and another with Dakota Johnson.


Just watched this today and really liked it, thought it was very cleverly put together and didn’t really suspect the “twist” either.

There aren’t actually that many scenes with them talking about it, it’s just Marlo telling her husband who then passes it on to her brother because why would he disbelieve her and he’s shown as not being attentive enough to her anyway. No one else sees or interacts with the nanny, and the “sex” scene is just Marlo in the same way as everything else is actually just her, so I think it actually does stand up

Anyway, yeah, I really liked this film, nicely underplayed while showing quite a big subject, thought it handled the reveal very nicely. Possibly even worth a re-watch at some point


why are you all talking about the lord of the rings


I think I only guessed the ending because I’d seen some reviews saying the film throws in an odd twist in the final act so I was kind of looking for it - the lesson is, don’t properly read the reviews beforehand!


Oh yeah I had heard that too and so was aware of something going to happen, but I still didn’t guess that until the crash


I shall smite you with my sword


Just watch A Cure for Wellness. What an absolute dog’s breakfast of a movie. It’s like they changed their mind about the plot three times and then used all of them, out of sequence.




watched Black Narcissus, Short Term 12, Computer Chess, Dogtooth, Blanche, Le Regle de Jeu, Bad Timing and Tokyo Story recently on the BFI player thing. all good (well I enjoyed them all), some approaching very good

also watched Prisoner in Cell Block 99 which was probably the most I’ve been disappointed in a film for awhile - I liked Bone Tomahawk and this was absolute shit


Yeah Cell Block 99 is absolute garbage


I remember it reviewing quite well and watched it recently too. I feel sorry for the director, who always seems like he wants to be taken so so seriously, but he just don’t have the originality or nous.