May 2018 film discussion thread


wtf i loved Cell Block 99 (unsurprised that TKC hated it but still)


it doesn’t even have a brawl! he stomps like 4 people at the end but that’s not a brawl.

I thought it was a turgid mess with no interesting characters or plot (I don’t think it made any sense either?), and no forward momentum whatsoever. um yeah, just thought it was really stupid and dreary, even down to the annoying washed-out look of it.


I thoight it was a good idea and Vince Vaughn is good but when he gets to the cell, it slips too far into shlocky b movie territory to be fun


Whats BFI player like? Does it regularlynupdate with stuff? Had a browse the other day and it didnt have too much I wanted but I seemed to remember looking before and it had a lot of stuff


I went to the McDonald’s in Cannes and wondered how many directors/stars had been in

Lars Von Trier stealing ketchup etc.


I’ve probably misled you - I only did the free trial on amazon. seemed to have enough stuff there I’d be interested in for a bit (enough to at least try the free trial on their site if eventually (if that works)). a lot of their catalogue seems to be in the ‘rent for an additional few pounds’ category, I think supposedly because of streaming rights issues, but I’m not sure. I’m not sure how often they rotate things either



Watched Girl Asleep last night. Really wore me down. Tried so hard to be quirky.

Saw Hmesick earlier, a German one about someone suspicious of their neighbours. Quite enjoy this genre of film, they rarely add nothing new but you can rely on a couple of nasty moments and some enjoyable paranoia



finally saw The Shape of Water last night. really liked it. what a bonkers film, amazing it even got made let alone won best picture.


Watched during various flights

The Square - No idea what I made of this but it is far too long and really hits its point over the head a dozen times. Pretty draining.

Gook - Excellent film set on the backdrop of the LA riots - only got a tiny release here but already out on DVD and very much worth your time.

Life, Animated - Doc about someone dealing with their severe autism through the medium of Disney films. Felt like it was gawping at its subject at times rather than being sympathetic but really moving in parts (that thing about you being more emotional in mid-air is really true, huh? Very dusty plane…)


Videodrome is really good and packs in a lot for how short it is. Effects hold up amazingly well too and had no idea that was Blondie until the credits.

Thor 3 is one of the best Marvel films, Taika can do no wrong.

Was watching the Fistful of Dollars remaster and actually got to witness someone taking pictures of the film/selfies for the first time. Grown man in his 30s in a 50 year old film ffs, at least it makes some sort of sense for a teenager in the newest Marvel or hit horror.


this is great, ‘the jazz ambassadors’…


Watched Lean on Pete past night, thought it was very good. Wouldn’t have minded a bit more social commentary type stuff in the final third (the bit where he goes to the soup kitchen and there are a load of people outside in wheelchairs and on crutches was one of the most common and distressing things we saw when we were in America last year).



Lars Von Trier has made… American Psycho again?



I have no time for LVT these days and that trailer supports that IMO



Has anyone seen Revenge? Fuuuuck me. Not for the faint hearted.