May 2019 Film Thread


Not really.
Aagh, don’t know anymore. I mean, it involves some knitwear. Does that make it twee?


BEATS is great, aside from the somewhat silly police battery incident it felt really natural and possibly the most realistic portrayal of coming up on drugs and general talking shite I’ve seen in a film. Really funny too.

I know it was a Friday afternoon but only 1 other person in my screen on opening day. Hope it finds an audience.


And the fact that it started with Ultrasonic
Man it took me back! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Soundtrack was brilliant, compiled by Optimo I believe.

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Indeed :+1:
I really enjoyed it, really did take me back to a fucking great time in my life. :grinning:

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I’m jealous! Acid house would be the one cultural phenomenon I would teleport back to, given the chance.

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Does make me pretty old though :grinning::grinning::weary::weary:


watched detective pikachu

but couldn’t tell you why. don’t know anything about pokemon, not really fond of ryan reynolds either. but it was fun. good film to watch on a plane.

felt like such a fuckin weirdo watching a kids film at the pictures on my own :grimacing:


Nothing wrong with a bit of twee.

*puts on a Belle and Sebastian album

Seeing Woman at War in a couple of weeks’ time. Looking forward to it.


can’t believe they made the car round from street fighter into a film

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Neo-noir version of Chef

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Aye, love Mark Dacascos.


The new Almodóvar is getting raves from Cannes, hurry up August!


Can’t remember the last time he made a truly great film…Volver back in 2006?


Julieta was great?


Despite knowing very little about Pokemon, I greatly enjoyed Detective Pikachu. In the scene where Tim is looking round his dad’s apartment and asks “Who’s there?”, a small boy in the front yelled “It’s Pikachu!” as if the protagonist was a complete idiot. :joy:


Good luck to anyone who tries to convince me that this is going to be anything but awesome
Was great before the end, but the end omd omd thx Netflix


I feel like I’ve seen the entire film in that clip though.


Yeah, Julieta was very good and I liked the batshit insane-ness of The Skin I Live In, though that was an acquired taste I admit