May 2020 Film Thread

Digital releases this month include The Assistant (out today), Ema (out tomorrow on Mubi), The Whistlers and The County.


I watched 18 films in April.
The best were Autumn Sonata and Le Cercle Rouge
The worst were Sisters and Seven Psychopaths

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35 films
New to me: 33
Best: Early Spring
Worst: Manifesto
Missing cinema: a lot


18 films

best: portrait of fire lady (2020)
worst: truth or dare (2018)

I have Disney+ so might finally watch the Star Wars films.

  • Start with A New Hope
  • Start with The Phantom Menace

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Don’t bother


I did say “might”.

I mean, I’ve lasted this long.


33 films
New to me: 20 (turns out I operate on nostalgia in lockdown)
Best: portrait of a lady on fire
Worst: hustlers

26 films
22 new

Best: The Hunt / Take Shelter / 20th Century Women
Worst: High School Musical 3: Senior Year / Personal Shopper

I think the better thing is to start with A New Hope so that there’s a chance that you actually enjoy yourself. However, the more interesting thing to me, personally, would be for you to start with Phantom Menace…

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I want nothing more than to pique your interest, Ant.

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:wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :crazy_face:

Here’s that link of current films on Mubi (updated daily) for you wild stallions, in case you missed it.

The Green Knight (which was due out 29th May) has disappeared from the schedule now it looks like, I wondered if they would just shift it to a digital release but maybe they’re going to try for a cinema outing later in the year instead? I guess we’ll see!

Sorting by highest average rating suggests I should watch Ran next. Almost 3 hours. Crikey.

Ran is one of my favourite films - it’s so good


My friend who watched it the other day said it’s phenomenal / on a scale he’s never seen before in terms of scope

Yeah, definitely, but it’s so fully realised and manages to avoid feeling the bloat a lot of long/“big” films do too.

Might do it this weekend. Don’t really like watching 2+ hour films on a work night

this is the dutch one, uk one usually seems a bit better

least we get surf nazis must die though