May 2022 Film News/Trailer chat thread

New MCU, new Nick Cave documentary, new Terence Davies, Gasper Noe does his take on Amour, the long-delayed Top Gun sequel and Everything Everywhere All at Once is finally here!

5th May
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

6th May
Wild Men
Along for the Ride (Netflix)

11th May
This Much I Know to Be True

13th May
Everything Everywhere All at Once
The Quiet Girl
Father Stu
Senior Year (Netflix)

18th May
Ahed’s Knee (Mubi)

20th May
The Innocents

27th May
The Bob’s Burgers Movie
Top Gun: Maverick
Between Two Worlds

New Alex Garland film is out on May 20th too.


More important than any film out this month: there’s a teaser for Avatar 2 attached to Doctor Strange.

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Moved to 1st June apparently

Yeah they changed the title to “We’re Just Normal Men” so need to print loads of new posters.

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High hopes for this new Doctor Strange movie. I’m hoping I can enjoy it without having seen like 80+ hours of MCU stuff

I keep thinking the Downton Abbey poster says ‘A NEW IRA’


I’m imagining that’s probably optimistic! :smiley:

I haven’t seen No Way Home (very tricky for all kinds of reasons to get to the cinema) so I’m guessing I actually do have to have seen that.I think the only D+ TV series that might enhance your viewing will be WandaVision (I enjoyed half of it and the other half I found tedious) and possibly Loki but even then it would surprise me.

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Just seen a trailer for Avatar 2 and it had some properly incredible music over the top

Does it look good? I’m the only person I know who is excited for this movie. Everyone has forgotten that James Cameron is king of the world

@BMS1 see you in donnie?

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:pensive: I’m working this weekend but could have been a whole lot of fun.

had seen it before on a laptop but went to see Millennium Actress in the cinema a couple of days ago

Soooo good

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Why do i keep posting in the wrong film thread ffs

Fuck me is that music good