May 2022 Film News/Trailer chat thread

Vue near me is going to be showing the original Robocop this month.


Is it just me or should they have just completely done this in CGI? I literally can’t tell the difference between this and a computer game. I assume some human characters turn up at some point

It is all CGI basically isn’t it?

I thought that but then saw photos like this and thought surely it’s not worth the effort when looking at the end product?!

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I was really hoping he was going to say ‘where we go one we go all’ in that

this looked incredible in IMAX

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They’ll be loads of press about how it’s the next stage of film making etc… Not one person will just say. ‘Yeah, it’s a cgi cartoon.”

It just seems all so unnecessary…


TIL there’s a guy called “Kirk Krack” and that’s not even the most remarkable thing about him!

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Just hire animators, same result 10th price.

nah this is sick. cameron is an absolute king.

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This was doing the rounds earlier, he’s a complete madlad

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absolute :goat:

Is it me or does this not look that visually impressive/that much better than it did 15 years ago? You’d think at least this would be some absolute technical marvel

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Maybe you’d need the 3D aspect to see the total picture? Or yeah maybe it’s just going to be not much different from 2009 3D

I also wonder if they’re even going to be able to sell the 3D aspect of it? Felt like a real novelty/was a major selling point for the first one, but 3D has only really been out of fashion for a few years, so I don’t feel people are going to be massively excited to fork out the extra for this one

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