May 2023 Film News/Trailer chat thread

3rd May
Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3

5th May
Return to Seoul
The Blue Caftan

12th May
The Eight Mountains
Plan 75
Book Club: The Next Chapter
The Mother (Netflix)

19th May
Fast X
Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret
Beau is Afraid

26th May
The Little Mermaid
About My Father
Master Gardener
Full Time

Excited for this.

Don’t think there’s ever been a film with more people in it. So many people.

Hopefully that Waititi news means the live action Akira never happens.

Live action Akira has done the rounds so many times over the years I never believe any latest iteration of ‘it’s happening’ anyway

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Feel like at some point they were courting DiCaprio to star?? He’s now so old he could play The Colonel.


This is obviously from a month back, but it seems like this film that isn’t happening is likely happening before the Star Wars film that also isn’t happening, gotcha

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You should all go see The Blue Caftan, it’s very beautiful

Trying to figure out if there’s anything else to add to this list

Primal Scream were in that 9 Songs film

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And Elbow and Franz Ferdinand it looks like - bonanza!

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Little Simz was in Venom 2.

Elbow were in Heat (1995, dir. Michael Mann)

From the director of Kill list and a field in England…

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First thirty seconds of this trailer are better than anything he’s ever done.

I can’t wait to see this, and specifically to take my dad to see it in 4DX at a Cineworld. He really isn’t a cinema goer and had never seen anything in 3D, but took him to see the first one and he instinctively pushed me “in front” of the shark.


Are rooftop / outdoor screenings any good?

Looking at a first time viewing of Vertigo in a few weeks. Only £12 - says it has individual headphones for the seat / deckchair…