May I interest you in a Wednesday Thread?

It is Wednesday after all.

How is everybody?


Thanks I was just looking for a Wednesday thread. This I perfect


Morning FL, everyone else. I have no idea why I’m awake really, not got any plans today either which is nice, might go for a car picnic on the cliffs.

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I’m hungover and awake earlier than I would like

Wednesday can go away. I’m very tired and have a day of srsbsnss to attend to. Parents are coming up later and I’m making a curry

I hope the srsbsnss goes ok x

What sort of curry you having?

And a dahl of some kind.


This is normally the day I’m early to work because I don’t have to drop the bairn at nursery but I’m running very late as I stopped to fix the extractor fan in the shower, and I need to get my stuff sorted for my run after work and I still haven’t showered.

Usually we go up to the inlaws to see the wean after work and then put him to bed there as he spends Wednesday and Thursday with his grandparents but we’re not allowed.

I’m a bit taken aback by how upset I am about this, properly hate the idea I won’t see him till tomorrow after work and won’t be able to put him down tonight.


Today’s excitement is that I’ll need to buy a new litter tray - it seems despite being kittens, our new arrivals have a lot more, erm, throughput than Nina ever did. So we’re upgrading. I also need to go and pick up a film I got developed. So that’s my lunchtime sorted. I hope it’s not raining when I pop out.

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Next week’s going to be #philosophyweek here on DiS. Or is it? #makeuthink


Incidentally, and I just checked, “ShrodingersTwat” is still available as a twitter handle.


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day (until the government changes its guidelines again)


Salutations from safebruvs solitude

Repotted the tomato plants and the rocket


Morning all. Yesterday was rubbish so, determined to start today right, I went out for an early walk while listening to Bernadine Evaristo’s Desert Island Discs. It was really lovely :leaves::fallen_leaf:


Hiya. Funeral today, hopefully it’ll be a good send off.

Hope everything goes as well as it possibly can dingers, thinking of you :heart:


Gonna have some marmite toast for brekkie (Hovis thick sliced granary bread obvs)

That’s clearly a car :red_car: not a rocket :rocket:

Its a beetle bird house

Morning friends :coffee:
Definitely about to rain, forecast all day. So there’s my plans of sitting in my stepmum’s garden down the swanny.
STILL. Got lots I can do at home, very exciting things like mopping the stairs.
Had a very vivid dream about a disser but I shan’t say who or what happened because… it was a bit blue.
Gonna make a smoothie in a bit. Wonder why hot smoothies aren’t a thing?

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