May I ruin your evening?

I might listen to it, I bet it’s not good


I posted this on the music board, but look what it’s done to Biffy’s stocks. Wall Street absolutely freaking it


it was terrible!

It’s probably worse than you’re thinking

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really sad when bands who are past it try to stay cool by doing an ironic cover of a song like this

Lest we forget


think that nirvana puddle of mudd cover was better than this

:smiley: hooooooooly moly

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I want that on a T-shirt

Or a throw cushion

I want to print it out and go to a gig and get him to sign it and I want a photo of the two of us together holding the signed print out flipping epimer off


I like them even more now.

Take it all back. Best cover of the year.

almost certainly maosm messing around though

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Here he is looking for me in the crowd


it’s not

Nope. 100% him. Been here for years

people have had alt accounts for ages

Ok. I’m telling you, as a fact, that it is him. If you don’t want to believe me that is fine too though.

bit creepy if that’s the case

I’m absolutely not watching that. Is this the evening thread or not?


Ah go on then

Can’t believe I’ve been tricked into posting in an evening thread too. This is a horror show.

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