May politics thread, feat. EURO Elections & May Resigning at last


excited about joining UCU now

" UCU has accepted and internalised the idea that staff are supposed to mitigate their managers’ worst failings. But it is managers who cause redundancies. It is managers who have redirected spending to overambitious capital projects. Managers created a system in which colleges and universities can go bankrupt. And when managers have an opportunity to work with politicians who promise to change that system, they lobby those politicians behind closed doors to keep it as it is. We should never feel ashamed, guilty, or uncertain about asking for what we are entitled to and deserve: we should take confidence from recent experience that our demands are fair and in the sector’s best interests."


This is such a haunting photo. Whatever you think about Theresa May’s record as prime minister, it’s impossible not to feel sorry for her as a person


What’s the worst thing May did?

Not giving a shit about people burning to death at Grenfell?
Deporting the Windrush generation?
Treating Brexit like the washing up and not working on it until it was too late?
Something else?

Hopefully DiS can handle a .mp4…


Shittiest Thing Theresa May Did:

  • Covering up rape and abuse at Yarl’s Wood
  • The Windrush deportations
  • Universal Credit
  • Grenfell
  • Selling arms to Saudi Arabia to use in Yemen
  • Lost her majority in a snap election
  • Ran through a field of wheat
  • Other (please specify)

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Can’t help but think she might have mentioned Grenfell not because she’d deluded herself that it was an achievement, but because she literally couldn’t think of anything else to include


i harp on about yemen, but her and her grotesque husband profit directly from the bombs we are selling that are causing a genocide in all but name in a country most brits can’t find on a map. as evil as everything else is, making your money off 18 million starving, terrorised, dying people dwarfs the lot.


Whoops, ignored that. I’ll edit it in!

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in actual saddening and disappointing news

(sorry, ignore the analysis in that article - LGBT rights activists in Kenya had every reason to be hopeful that their country’s constitution could be interpreted in a rights respecting way, and that their judiciary could exercise full independence. the point of having rights protection and the rule of law is that “anti-gay views” don’t determine outcomes like this)

Particularly bad news when Kenya is such a powerful influence in the region. The anti-homosexuality laws are getting increasingly worse in all the neighbouring countries for the last few years. Kenya doing the same further legitimises them.


I wonder how many times ‘plague on both your houses’ is going to get trotted out (again) on Sunday/Monday

Well this all sounds very familiar, does it not

‘They need us more than we need them!’

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Hang on

“V significant” says young Sebastian there. Yeah radical change in tone from the previous leadership, well observed.

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Lovely man, I’m sure

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Preferred their earlier stuff tbh tbf :unamused:

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that bit of the speech reminded me of a really desperate end of year self appraisal



(One of the first three though, isn’t it, really)