May the 4th be with you

what’s the best day of the year. i think the last few few days of winter because lots of people complaining about it’s getting colder. duh!

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Happy Cinco de Cuatro!


I’m presuming that this is the morning thread?

I’ve been up since 5 as I’m poll clerking today. I would send you a lovely picturesque view of a sunrise but I’m currently sat outside a Co-op by a roundabout.


Pleased to meet you Poll, my name is ma0sm.


it’s what ever you want it to be hun

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Oh fuck, I need to go vote.

The Tories are the goodies, right? Fuck it, no time to check back, that’s who I’m voting for.


As per tradition I’m going to call out people for giving me a death stare by saying ‘stop giving me a death star’ and be amazed at my own punning ability whilst peopled recycle this tired shit.

I’m in the hotel breakfast room and there’s a group talking very loudly about politics for the last 20 minutes and one of them has announced smugly she’s not voting. I’m giving them massive death stares to shut up. It’s 8am ffs.

Edit: oh god, they’ve moved into veganism.

good morning drowned in sounders,
i’m feeling fresh as fuck, might finish up sharp and play some golf.

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Back at work for the second time this week.

Won’t be voting until after my night class but I’m hoping to finish early.

I wish I had an amusing anecdote to share.

Voted and proxy voted, hate how both times some Tory grabbed my card number before you can tell them no


Today is my Friday, although I’m working at the weekend. The boss is expecting me to do the work of 2 people again today, but not sure I can be arsed with it.

Not sure I can be bothered to go and vote for a mayor later either.

4 days til holiday!

Had some cereal I’d never eaten before this morning. That will be the highlight of my day.

Going to see Simon Joyner tonight, who would have thought in the year 2017 I would still be going to gigs based on a tenuous link to bright eyes

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Chris Packham is 56 today.


Morning all

No local elections round here. Got BBC news on my second monitor in case Phil’s gone

Should start a birthday thread for him, coax him onto the boards

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Morning all. Day off today. Probably gonna do a bike ride I think and sort out car insurance stuff. Boring

Love this tweet I saw the other week.