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Would be quite funny if both English teams fuck it tonight given the last two evenings

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Trying to pretend the last two nights didn’t happen, but one guy in my office is wearing a Tottenham shirt, and another has bought cakes in to celebrate. The final is on my birthday as well. Dreadful.

In Europa League news (anyone?), there are currently no direct flights to Baku for the final, and the cheapest flights that get you to the game on time are £750 quid. Another excellent venue choice from UEFA.

A ludicrous decision. Any nation that would prohibit players from any other nation from entering the country to play the final should absolutely never be selected to host a final.


No, I’m going cycling in north Wales on that weekend.

Can’t believe I didn’t keep that weekend in the diary free tbh.

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It’s very understandable, tbf.

Fuck You Right Baku


I don’t think I could stump up the money unfortunately. Currently deciding whether to watch it at home on my big TV or go watch it with my dad on their small TV.
Would quite like to watch it with him if we win :blue_heart:

Invite your dad to your house


Final already ruined.


My house isn’t a real persons house, I think I’ll go there

Edit:We live two hours away from each other

on further consideration I have now watched live football for 9 (nine) nights/days in a row

I should definitely take a night off

take your big TV to your dad’s house

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Imagine, dragons to play UEFA Champions League final!

It’s not mine it’s my housemate’s

I’m resigned to watching on a small middle class persons TV unfortunately

Buy your dad a big TV as a present


Get yourself on gumtree m9. Big tellys are like £20-30 these days

Didn’t know about this. Would it be Mkhitaryan?

Aye (I think they’ve said he will be allowed to travel but he personally wouldn’t maybe? Either way, it’s an area that could and should have been avoided altogether)

Yeah that’s proper dodgy.