MAY the Association Football be with you ⚽ ⚽ ⚽ Goals & Polls

That was fun.

no one wants to see that

£145 + trains & spends

Wouldn’t waste my Saturday going to watch a team I didn’t support though, free or not

One of the lads off the Football Ramble ducked the play-offs for a holiday in Santorini. I’ve got to be due a few quid in royalties for that, surely?

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And Flyde below it too! :rofl:

Watford fan me. Born and bred in whatever part of the country Watford’s in.

Got no choice about going. Pre match Meal is a meeting that I can’t miss

Watford don’t stand a chance today.

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I see the Zlatan neck-grab is back on the menu

here’s an earlier serving

the MLS incident wasn’t nearly as bad as this from what I can see but yeah it seems Zlatan is resorting more & more to the …err…physical side of his game as he gets older

What minute is deeney getting sent off today?

First half injury. Hobbles about for a bit, comes off in tears.


one yellow straight after half time for an average bad tackle after having had multiple warnings in the first half for worse and then one stupid frustrated reaction leading to a 2nd yellow after ‘walking a tightrope’ for 20 minutes

He will then explode and take out little Bernie Silva with glasgow kiss and have a 50/50 wrestling match with Kompany in which the latter will also get sent off

Have a great day!

lovely stuff:

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Been a bit quiet this week, pal…

If you’re exceptionally bored and want to spend your Saturday trying to remember more than three Huddersfield players, I set up a load of quizzes at Planet Football.

The rest:

Chelsea - Huddersfield
Leicester - Newcastle
Southampton - Wolves


Might keep a table where deflected goals don’t count next year.

Actually, might just make one up for last season.

Big fan of this kind of thing “Brighton would’ve been champions if other Premiership squads were made up entirely of rabbits”


STATE of it

I’d be amazed if this hasn’t been knocked up by a Liverpool fan…

Palace would’ve been in the top 4 if goals scored against the wind counted as 2.5 goals.