Mayor of Liverpool arrested

Don’t hate the player, hate the mayor.


Donde esta la mayor?

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I had no interaction whatsoever when I posted this yesterday so I applaud the rpeleis you’ve gathered thus far

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Ooo I like the replies typo there



Boris Johnson kept saying his name the other month in the covid conferences

Feels like sinister stuff is going on dunno

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Yeah, I mean manchester is probably leading the way in bribery and corruption when it comes to developments but sound slim there’s been a lot more physical violence and harrassment involved with the Liverpool stuff.

Wonder whats happened for it to be acted on though, hardly a rare occurrence that local government are fraudsters and do whatever they can to push big development through

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Very well ar-rested after a long and productive lockdown?

This stuff is rife in most northern (and southern probably) cities. There’s reasons why terrible new build flats and awful new mixed use developments get simply waved through most of the time. At least in the north, there’s always a crossover with slightly dodgy gangsters who’ve decided to “go straight” and put their efforts into hotels, apartments, etc. Everyone’s hands are dirty.

It’ll be interesting to see what has pushed it too far

The most surprising thing is that Signature Living doesn’t appear to be involved

Well, that and waking up to “chippytits” trending on twitter


Didn’t even know this sort of corruption is common