Mayor of London and London Assembly Elections

Just got the pamphlet through the post about the elections, and gosh it feels like a lot to take in. So just creating a thread for any suggestions about what might or might not be good to vote for.

Mayor of London election
It’s surely just going to be down to Sadiq/Labour and the Tories, right? So in most likelihood I can vote for someone else in first place that I would like to get some points (potentially the Green Party or Count Binface), then they get ruled out and my second place choice for Sadiq then gets counted?
Almost tempted for BrianForMayor. Disappointingly he wants to abolish the congestion charge, but he also wants to launch a 31-day festival. Not sure what type of festival, but I’ve not been to one in a while.

Constituency London Assembly Member
This one seems more simple at least. Just five candidates to choose between in my City and East section. Again probably Labour or Green, although maybe Green would be a wasted vote?

London-wide Assembly Member
This one seems a bit more confusing. There are apparently 11 seats, with anyone with less than 5% being eliminated. And then the seats being allocated due to some formula.
This one has lots of parties, each of which has up to 15 people that you can choose from. Seems like a big waste of names and votes surely? Maybe I’d vote for Sian Berry for the Greens as I can’t feel too excited by Labour at the moment, and I assume she’s have a chance for the seat (if she doesn’t already have it? I’m clueless!).
Really not sure how having a list of 100+ names is a good way to engage people in politics and voting?

Anyhow, this is my attempt of a politics thread. Please reply if you have any thoughts!