⚽ May's football thread: the business end of the business end of the season ⚽ (Part 1)

He’s not exactly a playmaker. He’s a bit like Park, not stop movement and energy.

Oh, he’ll fit in then got a few of them.

Salzburg have a good record developing forwards, hopefully he’s a player.

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Kenedy! Worth staying up for


Ragnick saying he hasnt spoken to Ten Haag, and didn’t know he was gonna be at the game today is a bit weird.


I hope it’s Bumted’s turn for All or Nothing next season


Not Bad GIF


Sportswashing works! :trophy:


Palace are after Sam Johnstone too. Guiata is 35 now with rumours he might go back to Spain which will just leave us with Butland.

I’d like Pope, but not at £40m


Four years.


Know most people think this stuff is bollocks, but the xPTS league table (where teams should have finished based on the quality of chances they created and gave away) makes for quite interesting reading. Obviously you can interpret it in different ways, like…

Still doesn’t quite explain why anyone who’s watched United’s season would think we’d be bottom half

Love how they’ve just forgot the schandenfreude they revelled in when they were fucking shit. It’s like 1991 to 2005 and 2007 to 2018 didn’t exist now they’re good again

Fuck Liverpool FC. Hala Madrid!!

Norwich were awful this season any way you spin it?

With the exception of Conte …did any of the PL managerial sackings bring significantly improved results this season?

Kind of feels like Bumted, Toffees, Leeds & even Villa would have done just as well to stick with Ole/Benitez/Bielsa etc. I reckon Dyche would have kept Burnley up too

(not counting Howe obv as that was part of a club takeover)

Leeds points per game under Marsch has been far higher than under Bielsa this season. Extrapolated over a full season they’d have been level on points with Palace, and a win off a top half finish.

It’s virtually the same for Lampard actually. Think there’s a case that both have actually done reasonably good jobs.

The rest have all been shite.

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with Bielsa its the great unknown. Ultimately, the board got what they wanted, which is premier league survival, so it worked - just.
What we’ve done though is show no loyalty to Bielsa and reverted ourselves to just another club.
We couldnt continue leaking goals like we were, and Bielsa seemed unable to change his style, whether that would’ve improved with the return of cooper and Philips… its anyones guess.

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See you’re just seeing football as a results business but the real winners are the ones who have a complete and utter collapse with a manager who says the players are shit every week which gives you a glimpse of hope that the underlying issues might be fixed even though deep down you know they won’t.
Better than trophies


how did hannibal do yesterday?