⚽ May's football thread: the business end of the business end of the season ⚽ (Part 1)

Is it Marian Pahars?

Was just thinking him but he was a few years later I think

Heaney maybe?

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Yeah good shout, Arsenal youth legend

subthread for workshopping fictional players of the 90s?

  • we’re day one of the summer break mate
  • yes

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we’ve got to hit 10k posts somehow

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can I interest you in Rob Ullathorne?

I think they are all Matt Le Tissier now.

From Wakefield him

Can’t see there being too much mileage in the Reece James rumours. Would probably take him for anything under £40m as we’ll need to replace Walker next summer probably.

Maybe we could all just discuss a different sport or hobby for a while?

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Also wouldn’t dwell on Neil Shipperley too muxh given recent events

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Killing time before a flight has now led me to googling ‘Wakefield-born footballers’, cheers

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This better not be fucking wrestling chat

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Alan Smith

Dunno any others

I was thinking korfball

Got something stuck in your throat?



wee bit of Haxball?

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I’m really happy that you said that

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I’m not looking this up

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