Mayweather v McGregor


So it’s looking like this might happen. Will it be an absolute farce? Will it be a boxing match or an MMA match? Will it make any difference to who’d win? (Who do you think will win?)


If it’s boxing Mayweather wins comfortably, if it’s MMA Mayweather gets knocked out. Literally no chance in hell he’d agree to an MMA match surely.


it’ll be boxing, and mcgregor will be lucky to last 3 rounds


Fucking stupid shit for twats


Also massively insulting to the 100s of superior boxers Mayweather could fight, and probably the same for McGregor with MMAers


Chuck the cunt in with Lomachenko instead


Remember when Mayweather faced the Big Show


Mayweather to school him. Mayweather to stay undefeated. Mayweather to make upwards of $50m for the pleasure of it.


Whoever loses, we win.


other way round


genuinely pointless.

just goes to show how much fighters are being tempted from boxing to UFC by money potential for involvement in the latter. happened in female boxing way back but it’s only a matter of time before this happens more and more. fucking shite


Bleak in a year that’s shaping up to have so many actually good world level boxing matches that this will completely blow them all out of the water financially.


yep. I mean I guess if you’re a boxer who’s young and fit enough moving to UFC is a no brainer: you have a bit to learn but your ‘striking game’ (get fucked) is going to be way, way above the average UFC all-rounder.


They’re all proper chinny, and with their gloves and the ability to attack someone on the floor, someone who can time a punch has always got a chance. Don’t know masses about MMA to be fair, just doesn’t interest me in the way boxing does


yeah same with me. actively dislike the lack of much in the way of rules, means there’s no refinement in seeing who’s better over and above ‘he strangled him’ or ’ he hit his face tons’. Who gives a shit.


yeah, reckon i’d knock fuck oot the lot of them


i mean rousey getting utterly drubbed is an example of taking a boxer/kickboxer as Holm was, teaching her how to avoid ending up on the floor, and letting her loose on a fucking shambolic sport. and she cleaned up, made $$$$$$$. you can’t blame 'em i guess.

can you tell how much i hate UFC?


I don’t like that there are some rules. no kicks to the nuts, eye gouging, biting - the sort of techniques you’d likely employ in a real fight.


I’ll cancel the Tapout t-shirt I’d ordered for you


yeah just go all in and put them in a bar with some pool cues. all or nothing ffs