Mazzy Star

Forgive my ramblings…Just listening to the re-issue of So Tonight I might See…an album I’ve returned to intermittently since its release - this album just climbs in my affections with age (a bit like the last 3 Talk Talk albums have)…
sandoval’s intoxicating vocals intertwined with Roeback’s affecting arrangements are such a rich, soothing balm to a tired mind. Weird band to classify too…i tend to bracket them with galaxie 500 and to a lesser extent low and slowdive…definitely loose dreampop, shoegaze and slowcore vibes…

I’d give it a high 9/10 - and I’d also give each of their other LPs 9/10…incredibly unprolific band but worth the patience…and possibly the (semi) existing band I’ve never seen who I’d love to see most…i suspect its too much to ask for a Primavera appearance

been a good month for reissues too with Chrome by Catherine Wheel preceding it by a week…another great LP from 93…by some distance my favourite year for releases…

bit of a pointless post but its been a while since Ive seen Mazzy Star mentionned here unless I’ve not been paying attention

Great album! Not listened to it in a few years but Into Dust still makes its way onto my playlists on a fairly regular basis.

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Love her voice.

‘Look On Down From the Bridge’ is a personal fave


Good stuff…well worth revisiting in full :slight_smile:

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Great shout…a gorgeous climax to an entrancing album…

Always felt they were firmly psych rock than any of the other genres bandied about.

first two albums are good, last two are boring. Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions are good too.

Wonderful album/band.
The Hope Sandoval album from last year was one of the year’s best too.
Track below made it onto my most recent DIS mix cd.

I saw them at Primavera in 2012. Pretty good (but not as good as when I saw them at King Tut’s in 1993).


Very sad news. Loved their albums growing up. She Hangs Brightly was produced by him and Halah is their best song. Stunning track.


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I’m with you on halah. Never tire of hearing that one.


Dave Roback was also in the equally wonderful The Rain Parade. RIP.


Oh no. They were just playing Fade Into You in 6Music and I was enjoying it, but had no idea this was the reason why. Great band, wish I’d been able to see them live

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Sad news. Opal was my favourite of his bands, but I love the Rain Prade and Mazzy Star too. I saw Mazzy Star at King Tuts in Glasgow in 1993, then again a few years back at Primavera. Such a loss.


Terrible news. Soundtrack of my 90s. I was feeling sad about the first anniversary of Mark Hollis’ passing and then this.

I guess those of us of a certain age are going to have to get used to the frequency of this.

RIP David

I’ve always loved this song and this performance of it…

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Very jealous of you seeing them back then.

I only saw them once at Shepherds Bush Empire in 2012. I think it might have been jubilee weekend and there were loads of flag wavers around Shepherds Bush Station when I got out. It was a bloody dreary day with constant rain.

Their music was and is perfectly suited to calming me during bad days. I remember when they played Halah that evening; my mind was instantly transported back to hearing it the first time 20 years before also the woozy video on Alternative Nation.

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Just saw the news on the BBC website (
Pretty crushed, Mazzy Star were just one of those bands who completely inhabited a certain sound - that sparse, echo-laden alt-country dreampop - like no other. So Tonight That I Might See is never far out of my rotation. Rest in peace, David.


Oh no : (

Around a month ago, I learned that Blue Flower from She Hangs Brightly is actually a cover! Here’s the original:

Also note that reissues of Opal’s Early Recordings and Happy Nightmare Baby are coming soon. Early Recordings apparently has bonus tracks whereas HNB doesn’t. CD only for both I believe. Any Mazzy Star fans who haven’t yet heard David’s previous band should get hold of these.