Mazzy Star

Ah fuck that’s really shit news :cry:

Ach this is really sad news - Mazzy Star were a real soundtrack to my youth. Fell in love with them after picking up a blue 7" of Flowers in December for 20p from a bargain bin near my school.

Had no idea who they were at that point, but man what a beautiful song.


Agree about ‘So Tonight That I Might See’. I put on ‘Blue Light’ yesterday…just beautiful.

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I absolutely hate that album. Not that it’s that bad but it’s one of those highly rated albums you hope is good and are excited to listen to the whole thing because the one song you heard is great and it turns out to be a dud. Fade Into You is a good song, it gets a bit redundant at the end but the rest of this album sounds nothing like it, it’s lifeless and dull.

There’s a few songs like She’s My Baby that are decent and have nice bits but overall, just found it such a boring listen. I was hoping they’d be the American version of The Sundays but that album doesn’t hold a candle to anything by The Sundays.