[MBftSB] Which artists do you think (or hope) will be regarded as the best of this generation?

Let’s say post-2000 to avoid arguments

Inspired by @Ruffers comment about Sufjan in this thread: Sufjan Stevens

Kanye for sure
Probably Beyonce
Possibly Kendrick
I’d like to say Julia Holter too but she needs more exposure

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Peppermint Apes


David Squires

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@yuggy @anon67149139 if you guys don’t give my earnest thread the respect it deserves I’ll tell the mods on you.

Ed Sheeran

Thee Oh Sees

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You didn’t tag it #MBftSB!

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My Vitriol.

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Oh fuck. Either the title needs changing or it needs moving altogether

Changed title :kissing_closed_eyes:

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Thank you!

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which generation?

I don’t really know anything about music so can’t answer sorry!

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Tbf Bam I expected you to say Mark Kozelek and I would’ve heartily endorsed this


Hot Chip

well yeah of course but he’s not of my generation

Ah sorry, you can expand it beyond immediate contemporaries to people still active now.