MBTftSB: Smashing Pumpkins Thread Summary Thread

Can someone give us a summary of the Smashing Pumpkins Thread. CBA reading it but I’m told it’s good.


Billy Corgan lost his wig and TTF swore he never had one

Most people: billy corgan is a dick
TFA333: no because


Alice in Chains are a poor mans Creed


Also there was a tiny bit of serious conversation about Corgan’s depression in the glory years being ignored, but rather aptly it got lost in amongst all the great shitposting


its a fine thread, started off as the nirvana vs pumpkins thread, because the pumpkins are so maligned there was a lot of criticism of them, when pro-pumpkins people made criticisms of other bands these got labeled as hot takes because some people can’t fathom non-consensus opinions as sincere, it then evolved into a forum for expressing unpopular opinions and a fun time was had by all. think the thread is fine, only bit I didn’t like is when a few people take it bit too seriously and start going on about it being childish to not like the beatles

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I’ve never knowingly heard a Smashing Pumpkins song. God willing, that will remain the case for a long time to come.

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Aging Smashing Pumpkins fans hate all non-Billy Corgan music and even love them post Mellon Collie, mid Alex Jones gay frogs freakout.

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no one supports the alex jones stuff

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Scoundrel! I managed to hit back while it was loading anyway.


I hate Alex Jones more than I love The Smashing Pumpkins.

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Something I think might be interesting to discuss is why certain bands tend to get people very fanatical. Pumpkins definitely seem to get more extremely keen followers than other similarly popular bands. Is it Corgan as a kind of celebrity personality? Something about their aesthetic? Or maybe because they have loads of b sides and unreleased stuff so it’s fun to obsess over them? Probably all of those

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just think in their day they were the perfect band in terms of quantity, quality, variety, musicianship and aesthetic they made most of their peers look uninsipred, and I got into them at a formative age. lyrically they are all about alienation, and that kind of thing if people relate to they will really bond with, mixed with a romanticism that takes the edge off the gloom.

it certainly isn’t Corgan’s personality, that almost ruins it


Despite all the rage it is still just a thread on a page


I like how this is the second spin off thread, and the original thread was already the second substantial pumpkins thread, think there should be a new sub board

I’m basically a virus.

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The Flies Aeroplane?

Basically everything that you and ttf said. I think Billy felt the world in a very intense way and was able to communicate it musically and lyrically, and it resonated very, very strongly with people who were feeling the same things. I feel like they towered over their (amazing) peers on every level. I would love to be wrong about this, but I know there hasn’t been and think there never will be another band who can produce such a deep, varied, high quality, emotionally resonant, and flat out magical catalog of music. It all felt and still feels so genuine.

There was something very special too about the the extremes - the sheer beauty followed by sheer ugliness, the pop craftsmanship followed by the ten minute epics, the studio precision versus the terrifyingly raw live performances, the hopelessness combined with the sense of wonder, etc. He did it all and captured everything there is to capture.