McCartney Carpool Karaoke

Obviously nobody really reads the music forum, so thought this was worth sharing here.

Worth putting your dislike of Corden aside for sure.

What a bloody top lad Macca is, eh. Properly welling up watching that. Blows my mind a bit when i think that these songs have sort of spanned generations and that.

Bloody love Liverpool as a city as well. For all their knockers, they’re a bloody great bunch o’ lads and lasses, eh.

No nobhead replies please.



yeah that was really enjoyable. Paul’s great and the music he’s made through his life does have undeniable power to unite people and make them happy. Normally I’d slag off Hey Jude and publicity stunts like this, but would have been incredible to be in that pub at the end.

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I caught that on Tuesday (?) night when he had Niall from One Diorection on (tbh I thought it was a repeat cos the song he sang came out months ago), and I always thought I really hated James Cordon. Actually rather warmed to him. Not a fan of the laddy-banter act from that shit Sports Quiz show, and can’t bear his voiceovers as characters in things, but I was like… I’d have a pint with him for sure. Thanks for reading.

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Would you have a pint with James Corden (free pint, your choice of pub, his choice of chat, 20 minutes minimum)

  • Yes
  • Get fucked

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I would watch this but well, Corden. Can’t do it.


i would watch this but well, Macca. AND Corden. AND Carpool Karaoke. it’s like someone literally set out to make my least favourite thing in the entire universe.


Macca’s a really good lad but hey jude really grates on me for some reason

I initially replied yes to this because I wouldn’t mind hearing a bit about how Gavin & Stacy came about and working with Ruth Jones, but on noticing that he would choose the topic of conversation, I would not be so keen.

Edit: On the other hand, twenty minutes of my time for a free drink and I can forevermore tell the story of the time I had a drink with Corden and he was an utter twat / actually decent bloke? Yeah, why not.


How far did you get through the video before your hatred of Corden became too much and you had to stop?

  • I didn’t watch it.
  • 0-2 minutes
  • 2-4 minutes
  • 4-8 minutes
  • 8-16 minutes
  • 16-23 minutes
  • I watched it all (before going for a walk around the neighbourhood flyering for the tories)
  • My answer is private and I’d prefer not to share this information publically

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Up there with Celebrity Lip Sync Battle as confusingly popular things.


honestly probably couldn’t find a sentence i agreed more with

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first draft oasis album title


don’t like james corden, don’t like paul mccartney, don’t like the beatles, don’t like karaoke

it’s a no from me



It’s 23 minutes long? Fucking hell.




bit top gear

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Drive is OK, I guess

I’d go as far to say very Top Gear.