McCartney Carpool Karaoke

Only just watched this video and it’s really bloody great.


Well quite. His music has been criticised for being bland, but that is subjective and a bit arrogant to speak for everyone. Bland to whom? Maybe ‘most people’ (myself and my child included) like a simple and catchy hook which is recognisable and inspires people to sing along, rather than something more …. ‘challenging’ (not to say that there isn’t beauty in more complex works too). There’s obviously an important place for more experimental music, but tbh I find most avant garde stuff painful to listen to (and we should remember that the beatles were fairly progressive at one point too.) It’s fine to say something isn’t to your taste if the person you’re criticising has had critical and material success, but not otherwise? So much baffling.

That said, I like james corden so I clearly have no taste at all.

Edited because if he was broke he might be more popular in alternative terms.

I’ve still not seen it :joy:

As soon as 24 hours in police custody finishes I will…….


Seen it now. Thought it was really lovely, inoffensive, a wee bit emotional. I can understand why it wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

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cementimental is DiS’ beatles

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And did he insert the beverage into his rectum?

I really enjoyed this, forget the karaoke and driving bit of it, it was basically McCartney having an impromptu visit to Liverpool. I kind of assumed he did it all the time, but he had never been back to that house he grew up in or the barber in Penny Lane. They seemed genuinely emotional to see him which was nice. Not sure about the fake jukebox thing, I presume the people in the pub thought it would be a tribute band or something, I’d be pretty amazed if Sir Paul was there instead. But they could have just made it a gig instead of the curtain schtick.

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How the hell did this happen

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The best of the Beevles

Why did you swear about Gallipoli?

Discobot, do you have irreconcilable beeves w Gallipoli?

@discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: Most likely


Hello! Despite saying I wouldn’t watch this, I did watch this. It was good. Even though I’m not a huge fan of what’shisface (the guy driving, not Macca, though I’m not particularly fussed about him either) I have found myself watching a few of these drivey singy chat things. I quite liked the Britney Spears one.

uk tour in December

Of what? Corden driving Macca around other provincial towns in the north west?


That I’d watch

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3 hoir seminars on the rise of fascism I think




I hope they go halves on petrol money