Mccoy's chips

thoughts? etc

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If you got these chips with a fish or burger I think you’d be pretty disappointed.

Gonna be honest here, never really been a fan of McCoy’s


I would like to try them


They’re no McCain’s chips

Such a stupid gimmick

what?? steak mccoys are my go-to

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i think they’re just rectangle crisps

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£1? For 70g? I think they’re a fucking rip off is what I think.

hopefully someone here has tried them. are they thick like chips? are they just thin cut crisps? who knows, ant

I don’t even know where I would find them.

I’m finding myself increasingly frustrated by the failure of the big supermarkets to consider new products in their stores (particularly in their Local/Express versions)

I like McCoy’s crisps very much but I will not go out of my way to try these


might try @ing tescos on twitter until they meal-deal me some

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I will be trying these at the first available opportunity.

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from the packet they look normal mccoy size

they’re just sliced mccoys

are you speaking from personal experience or is this pure conjecture?

A fucking pound?!

I believe in looking at the picture we have a strong and stable idea of the chip

japes, if i click on your name, I get a very crude sketch, i just wanted you to know

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